Why is Eye Health Important?

Although it is possible for anyone to develop eye disease, the risk increases with age.2 In fact, vision loss currently affects more than three million Americans age 40 and above. Major risk factors may include:3

  • Advanced age
  • Genetics
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Poor diet


Ingredients That Have Potential Eye Benefits

Lutein: May help protect the retina and preserve visual function4

Omega-3: Helps support eye health in people at risk for age-related eye changes5

Zeaxanthin: Protects against damage from light1


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ICAPS® Eye Vitamin Varieties to Fit Your Life

ICAPS® Eye Vitamin Lutein & Omega-3 Formula

  • Promotes healthy eyes* in people at risk for age-related eye changes
  • Easy-to-swallow softgel that only needs to be taken once daily

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ICAPS® Eye Vitamin AREDS Formula

  • Contains the exact formulation used in the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) sponsored by the National Eye Institute (NEI) to help support eye health*
  • Supports eye health* in people with intermediate to advanced AMD6

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ICAPS® Eye Vitamin Multivitamin Formula

  • Supports patients' overall eye and body health,* without beta-carotene
  • Multivitamin formula with some ingredients studied in AREDS
  • Available in delayed-release tablets for less stomach upset and better absorption

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ICAPS® Eye Vitamin Lutein & Zeaxanthin Formula

  • Provides lutein with zeaxanthin, to support eye health*1
  • Recommended for people who are interested in overall eye health*
  • For people who want to supplement their current multivitamin or are not currently taking a multivitamin

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